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SassiFit Dance Fitness

SassiFit Dance Fitness offers classes in Aurora, Littleton and Lakewood, Colorado. Our cardio dance workout classes include 30 minutes of dance cardio with moves from burlesque, jazz, pop, hip hop, Latin and ballroom, and 25 minutes of mat work inspired by yoga, Pilates and floor barre. The choreography is fun, upbeat and easy to follow. Classes are dimly lit with pink lighting and include a quick breakdown of each song’s choreography. No dance experience needed. All ages and fitness levels welcome.

Our basic burlesque class focuses on body control, core strength and balance while unleashing your inner diva. Burlesque is all about what it truly means to be sexy and self-confident from the inside out. Classes include a warm-up, stretch, center, and across-the-floor work, ending with a fun and flirty dance routine! Basic, sultry, sexy and sassy moves for all levels. No experience necessary.

Enrich. Embolden. Empower.

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