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SassiFit Dance Fitness Colorado

SassiFit Dance Fitness Littleton

SassiFit Dance Fitness Colorado

SassiFit Dance Fitness Colorado is a choreographed cardio dance workout class in the styles of burlesque, jazz, pom, cardio hip hop, Latin and ballroom with floor work inspired by yoga, Pilates and floor barre. SassiFit is a body positive program designed to build self-esteem and confidence by loving your body right now as you train to feel your best. Classes are lit only by pink lights to discourage comparison and judgment. SassiFit is the best adult aerobic dance workout class for beginners, dancers, and former dancers alike. No dance experience needed. All ages and fitness levels welcome. Free workout classes monthly. Locations in Denver, Aurora, Arvada, Littleton and Lakewood, Colorado.

The SassiFit Story

SassiFit is based on the sidelines we did as professional cheerleaders; fun and upbeat choreography that repeats until your limbs fall off. In 2014, Jessica created SassiFit as part of her Fit line up (BounceFit, KickFit, FunkyFit, and MatFit). In 2017, SassiFit was requested by former students and Jessica obliged. Within a month it took on a life of its own, growing each week. Within two months, SassiFit had tripled in size, locations, and classes. Starting in 2018, SassiFit will be at five locations in three cities! SassiFit is based on body positive principles of loving and accepting yourself as you are in this moment, while still striving to grow and improve. SassiFit started as part of Studio 21 Dance and has always been done under dimmed lights to discourage judgement and comparison. Each class includes empowering affirmations and inspirational encouragement so that students leave stronger people, not just stronger bodies.

Enrich. Embolden. Empower.


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